Pet Care

Veterinary care

has advanced so much in the years we've been practicing we are pleased to be able to prevent many diseases before they infect your pet. Just like medicine for people prevention plays a large factor in the life span and health of your pet. Some prevention is quite simple.

Canine Parasites, Worms

Annual Physical Exams

give us a chance to monitor the health of your pet. Your dog or cat’s activities change with age. Reviewing weight change and blood chemistry with a veterinarian on a regular basis give us a reference point to chart any changes and address health issues. Dogs and cats age quicker than people. Using the theory 1 year equals 7 years of your pet’s life; an annual physical is checking your pet every 3.5 years of aging. Pets can’t talk and they are good at hiding their pain which means our vets often find “hidden” ailments from internal parasites, periodontal disease, yeast infection to ingrown toenails and more. Without an exam cases of allergies, skin infections, diabetes go untreated not only leaving your pet suffering in silence, but delaying treatment in severe cases can lower the odds of survival for your pet.


are offer a first line of defense against serious infectious illnesses. The question arises; “Should I vaccinate my dog/cat every year?” While many dogs may hold their immunity for a few months beyond this one year mark, veterinarians have NO WAY of knowing which dog’s immune system MIGHT be okay. It would be a guess. The sad outcome of waiting is your dog contracting a disease, and you would be very upset in letting this slide. We feel the best protection for your pet is to vaccinate and we’re convinced vaccination has saved countless lives from Parvo, distemper; and potential Rabies. If you are a Los Angeles County resident you must have your dog or cat vaccinated for Rabies.

Take advantage of our Vaccine Clinics.

Microchips Losing your pet is nearly unbearable. Microchips have reunited pets and saved pets lives. A dog or cat microchip is a permanent solution as opposed to tattoos which can fade, or tags which can become detached. This tiny computer chipcontains a unique number to identify your pet for its lifetime. Your information is immediately accessible, ensuring the rapid return of a lost pet. Puppies and kitten over 8 weeks can be implanted. It’s much like a vaccination, no sedation is required.

Microchips need to be registered and there is a fee for this separate from a vet's implant fee charge. Since non-registration is the single reason lost dogs aren't reunited with their owners at Payne Ranch Vet Clinic we offer one fee to cover both steps for your convenience. If you prefer to handle the registration yourself we offer that option and charge only for the implant. We're happy to discuss this with you. Give us a call or schedule an appointment.

Flea Treatment is recommended on a monthly basis. Fleas and ticks give our pets parasites such as tapeworms and also cause flea allergy dermatitis. Prevention is a less costly solution than treating damage created from fleas and saves your pet all the suffering of scratching and health issues. You can begin a flea product (specially formulated for young ones) at 8 weeks for puppies and kittens. New options are out and we’re happy to discuss your choices.

Neutering and Spaying
Whether to spay or neuter your dog is twofold. *Note: some counties have requirements.
There are definite benefits to your dog or cat’s health. Neutering and spaying has helped pet overpopulation, but we've a long way to go. The prevention of unwanted dogs and cats is something all responsible pet owners are aware of as communities spend millions to care for these unplanned births and our animal shelters are overburdened.
Health Benefits:

Dental Cleaning
Dental disease causes problems beyond bad breath for your dog or cat. Bad breath is actually a symptom of other dental issues which untreated can lead to periodontal disease, gum inflammation to tooth loss. Even treats and chews with tartar control are not enough to fully keep dental disease in check. Dental disease can also be associated with heart and kidney disease. Complete dental cleaning does require anesthetic. A simple blood test lets us check in advance for any high risk indicators. We are committed to the safe keeping of your pet for along and healthy life. Call us with any questions.

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