Pet Products

We carry a wide range of

pet medications and products.

We encourage proactive prevention regarding fleas, ticks and heartworm. New products continue to reach the market and we stay on top of these to offer a wide choice for protecting your pet.

Maintaining a proper weight is very important for general health to our pets. Overweight pets can be predisposed to diabetes. For our overweight clients we have a choice of

Prescription diet pet food

to ensure proper nutrients as we work to bring the weight under control.

Many dogs suffer from allergies resulting in skin disorders and many have sensitive stomachs. We are pleased to carry a stock of

premium quality dog and cat foods

tailored to address these issues.

Some of our products are:

RevolutionFlea ProductsInterceptor

Pet care products and medications in Chino Hills, Chino, Diamond Bar, Phillips Ranch and beyond for a long and healthy life for your dog or cat.