About Payne Ranch Vet Clinic, Chino Hills
Payne Ranch Vet Clinic, Chino Hills

Payne Ranch Vet Clinic

has been at our current location since 1989. Our Southern California roots are deep. Dr Chaudhry has been practicing since 1976 beginning in Monterey Park, California. At one time he was serving both communities, before committing to the growing community of

Chino Hills.

His animal clinic was the first one in the area—before the high school was built! We've grown and thrived through the changes to Chino Hills.

Our full service

animal hospital

is so dedicated to our family of clients we answer our phone after hours. Once we assess the pet's need we have opened our hospital to care for our clients, saving them the need and additional expense of using an emergency after hours clinic. We do this on a case by case basis, but we are happy to be of service.

Saying goodbye to a beloved family pet is never easy. We have served our clients in their homes when their pet is at the end of his/her life. This has been a welcome comfort for families to save the stress of transporting their pet and keeping their pet in the home with their family.

Our clients trust us with the care of furry family members and we are equally dedicated to our many clients and often caring multiple generations of their pets.

Our staff is also a family. We're pleased to have dedicated, trained experience people who are equally compassion and passionate about animals all working together as a team caring for your pet. We've enjoyed watching our clients' puppies and kittens grow to their geriatric years.

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Veterinary Clinic serving Chino Hills, Chino, Diamond Bar, Phillips Ranch and beyond since 1989.